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      Hello! Are you struggling with the demands of life? Are you going through a major transition or grieving a loss? Life circumstances can sometimes be more than we can handle. You may feel overwhelmed, confused, hopeless, or stuck. Counseling can help you better understand yourself and provide tools to bring healing while working through life's challenges. I would be honored to walk this healing journey with you.

      My approach is positive, supportive, and practical, tailored to your specific needs. I have worked with teens, adults, and seniors facing issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles. I will help you recognize your strengths while using the therapeutic process to bring about the lasting changes you desire.

      I believe safety and trust are vital to counseling relationship, particularly when faced with histories of trauma and abuse. With over five years counseling experience, I am confident I can help you take the steps necessary to work through your challenges.

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